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DMS Framework

Allianz Business Services s.r.o.
Oracle PL/SQL, Java, Web Services, Lombardi Teamworks
Development effort
In 2008, Allianz decided to introduce a comprehensive BPM solution in the region to make their internal business process more transparent and measurable. The implementation of a general purpose BPM solution required the integration of technologically diverse existing or planned local document handling functions into the system. Our company designed and implemented a modular document management framework that can cover all aspects of document handling from paper-based or electronic processing through efficient metadata and file storage to search, retrieval and display while also supporting the integration of external solutions in these areas. The system provides a graphical component toolkit that can be used to create complex user interfaces that meet specific business requirements. The most important features of the system include:
  • Flexible meta data representation
  • Distributed / hybrid document storage
  • Broad selection of storage options (database, file system, external storage solutions)
  • Customizable user interface component toolkit
  • Seamless integration into BPM systems
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