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Document management system development

Unix, OpenVMS, NT; Oracle, C, Delphi
Alpha server and 2 NT servers
In 1991 Postabank, the second largest retail bank in Hungary in that time decided to process deposit certificates and bond slips using OCR technology, based on an in-house, custom-built system. After extensive reengineering of the complete business process Poliphon designed a new document family and developed a complete ICR solution. This finally resulted in 60% reduction of human labour requirement. The system applied our own, queue-management based transaction processing solution and own CASE tool for code and table generation. This was the first successful, large-scale ICR-based document management application in Hungary, as well as one of the first large-scale Oracle applications (using Version 6). The system had been extended by Poliphon’s CRM-oriented archiving solution, to support reclamation resolution. (This was one of the first large-scale Windows NT4 / Oracle applications in Hungary). The two solutions were used for more than a decade day by day without any interruption.
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